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Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

​Bicarbonate:       PH balance.
Boron:                 Builds muscle tissue.
Bromide:             Heals and relieves skin disorders & natural antibiotic.
Calcium:             Strengthens cell membranes & cleanses pores.
Chlorine:             Helps balance minerals and maintain PH balance.
Chromium:          Promotes healthy skin and a healthy circulatory system.
Cobalt:                Vitamin B12 aids in hemoglobin formation.
Copper:               Increases collagen & stimulates hair and skin formation–also a vital blood antioxidant.
Flourine:              Promotes healthy teeth and  helps increase bone strength.
Iodine:                 Necessary to maintain water balance and expel waste products.
Iron:                     Helps production of melanin and promotes a healthy skin tone.
Lithium:               Treat bipolar disorder and manic depression.
Magnesium:        A building block for the skin’s structural elements.
Manganese:        Reduces cholesterol, assists in blood clotting and increases antioxidant production.
Molybdenum:      An anti-oxidant that generates energy and detoxifies cancer-causing products.
Nickel:                 Required for lipid, hormone, and membrane metabolism.​
Phosphorus:        Involved in muscle contraction, nerve-impulse transmission, and cell growth.
Potassium:          Helps maintain pH balance. Helps prevent free radical formation, and acne.
Rubidium:           May reduce the incidence of cancer, and aids in the growth process.
Selenium:           Destroys free radicals. Maintains tissue elasticity, protects against dandruff and dry skin.
Silica:                 It promotes healthy nails, skin, hair, and arteries, and is necessary for the

                          formation of collagen. Improves skin’s elasticity and thickness, inhibiting the

                          aging process.
Silicon:              Important for thickness and strength of the skin, and for production of collagen in

                         connective tissues.
Sodium              Sodium is beneficial in maintaining PH balance, protecting the body against fluid loss.
Strontium:          Promotes healthy bone formation and decrease bone absorption.
Sulfur:                Necessary for synthesis of collagen and healthy skin keratinization (the process

                          by which skin cells move outward and die)
Vanadium:         Provides protection against tumor development and some forms of cancer.
Zinc:                  Antioxidant to fight viruses and to aid in tissue repair and curb acne breakouts

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