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Mark Landry -  Minute Med Clinic

As a medical clinic owner and an active person, I highly recommend MUSCLE RESCUE to all of my patients and friends! Effective at knocking out pains AND locally owned!!  Can't get better than that!! Thx guys for a great product!


Miracle Muscle Rescue TM

Natural Pain Relief


Our best selling product!

Use on tired aching muscle & joints

Our customers have used it for


  •  Arthritis

  •  Firbromyalgia

  •  Eczema

  •  Acne -  face & body

  •  Insect bites - hives

  •  Itching

  •  Cramping & Muscle Spasms

  •  Restless Legs

  •  Inflammation

  •  Sunburn - relieves burn

  •  Stiff neck

  •  Headache


· Dead Sea Minerals — Improve circulation, ease inflammation, calm dry skin & eczema

· Shea Butter– Penetrates to deliver relief, improves skin elasticity giving softer younger looking skin.

· Cocoa Butter— Aid to reducing the appearance of scars, inflammation and signs of aging.

· Orange EO – Boosts lymphatic system drainage, helps detoxify, boosts immune system, eases nerves.

· Rosemary EO-  Warming oil increases circulation, treats varicose veins, pain relief for the muscular system, cramps, spasms, stiff neck, rheumatism,  back pain, arthritis & restless legs.

· Eucalyptus EO– Warming Oil treats Sciatic pain, muscular spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains & poor circulation. Speeds wound healing & calms skin inflammation. *  epileptics should avoid use

· Peppermint EO-  Circulation, tired feet, itchy skin, rheumatism, cramps, back pain & headaches.

Customer - Henri C.

Hi Dawl ! Couldn't wait til Sat..Put the miracle cream on Kevin's back and on a new ache that had developed behind his knee like a charlie horse and was relentless. He is almost 100% "cured".The ache behind the knee that wouldn't allow him to sleep is gone and his back after all that tent toting is so much better.We are devote followers. Thank you so much for creating "our" cure! Looking forward to spending the day in Abbeville with y'all ! XXXOO


God is Amazing!!  We are so Blessed!


Customer - Jhan

  I tried the muscle relief on aching muscles and experienced instant relief! I tried the roller ball oil on a recently developed shin splint and the pain I had been experiencing for 4 days was instantly gone! Cannot wait for the next farmer's market to buy more, so went online for more of this amazing product! Trying the masks next. So happy to have found these incredible products! Thank you! Jhan




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